Where Jack Mewhort fits in his first year


With the Indianapolis Colts first selection in the 2014 draft (second round) the Colts took offensive tackle Jack Mewhort from Ohio State University, surprising many.

I had Mewhort on the Colts radar before the draft, although I saw him more are a 3rd to 4th round pick. Still, Ryan Grigson took him with the ideal he could fit into the Colts offensive line right away as a rookie. So the question is, where does he fit in?

For now, the tackle spots are filled with Anthony Castonzo and Gosder Chelirus, and center and left guard look to be taking by Khaled Holmes and Hugh Thorton. So ideally Grigson had Mewhort sliding into the interior line at right guard,

Mewhort slid into the tweener rounds because of his lack of overall strength and inability to block against elite pass rushers. Both can be taught in the NFL by a solid offensive line coach, something the Colts have in Joe Gilbert.

Mewhort will be given every chance to earn a starting spot on the line in his rookie year, but still could wind up rotating in. While his overall football IQ can allow him that, he still have major concerns in his game.

The Colts desperately need to keep Andrew Luck healthy, and the start of the mission is to have a solid line to protect him from years to come. Mewhort could become a key piece to the puzzle.

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