Dolphins players not shy about calling out Omar Kelly


Omar Kelly makes bold, controversial statements pretty much on a daily basis, that being said Dolphins players are not afraid to call him out on them.
Here are a couple of examples below





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  • PZ

    Omar Kelly is a tool – it’s amazing that this dude even has a job anymore. I don’t know any Dolphins fans that take this guy seriously – and that’s the way it should be.

  • Miamirulez23518

    He is rude at times and very unprofessional.

  • Free

    It’s best to ignore his antics like I do. I don’t read the newspaper he writes and I don’t follow him on Twitter. I want real Dolphins news and not a media guy bringing attention to himself. He’s not trying to be a good reporter. He’s looking for attention. Maybe he just needs a hug and a cookie.

  • Dunner/Upstate NY

    I turn finsider off when he is on, do not read any articles of his. He should work in NY or Boston, please!!! I have never understood any of his comments or statements, none!

  • mleemo67

    Omar Kelly is very negative towards the Dolphins! Its time for him to move on. I would like to see him play some football! Please leave…..

  • dolfan21

    I think that all home teams feel that everything is ok and of course players will defend themselves. this is sort of a non-story. dolphins players have to truly look themselves in the mirror and commit to improving their game. i find omar’s columns/tweets edgy, but honest and to the point (based on his assessment and OPINION). we should just see our team for what is it is and not hate on the messenger. let’s just demand a better team and challenge our players.

  • Anonymous

    Omar Kelly is a proven Dolphin hater! Get him out of there…FIRE HIS DUMB ASS!

  • mac444

    dolfan21 please pull Omar’s nuts out of your mouth. Omar’s column is his opinion and that is all it is.

  • fake DonShula

    If Omar Kelly was around when I was coach

    We’d shoot him for being such an ASS – Heeee Haaaw!

  • Skleech22

    Omar should work for the Patriots since he gets so wet and bothered when he talks about Tom Brady and the Patriots! HE’s JUST ANOTHER PATRIOT FLUFFER! Unfortunately, he covers our Fins!

  • Random Shrapnel

    But you have to follow Omar’s Tweets just to see what outrageous comments this narcissistic and frustrated music critic will utter next ! Anyone else enthralled by Omar’s personal life ? I didn’t think so !