Ex-Tampa Bay Bucs LB Keith McCants arrested again


The Tampa Tribune is reporting that ex-Tampa Bay Buccaneers pass rusher Keith McCants was arrested in New Port Richey, Florida for driving while his license was suspended or revoked, as well as drug paraphernalia charges.

McCants was drafted fourth overall in 1990 and immediately signed a $7.4 million dollar rookie contract. The former Alabama star had a less-than stellar NFL career lasting only three seasons in Tampa before fizzling out in Arizona.

As an ex-player, McCants has built up an extensive rap sheet which includes charges for bad check writing and theft. Just this past February McCants was arrested for a 12th time for drug possession.

Featured in the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary Broke, McCants detailed the spiral of drug dependance and criminal activity after becoming a millionaire NFL player.

If there was ever a tale that truly depicted a first round bust, McCants’ story would surely fit the bill. Hopefully this is the final message to get him to turn his life around.

Let this be a message to the NFL as well to ensure all players are equipped with the proper financial and life skill education before stepping onto the field.

Maybe Rodger Goodell would be well served to hire McCants as a speaker visiting every team’s facility. I’m sure new players would benefit from hearing McCants story.

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