Jake Locker isn’t better than Blaine Gabbert?

jake locker of the dominant tennessee titans throws a pass
Jake Locker throws a pass

Grant Gunderson, cover32’s Jacksonville Jaguars managing editor, wrote a quick piece about the top 10 quarterback controversies of 2014 over at his subsite.

In his post, Gunderson mentioned the Tennessee Titans’ quarterback battle between Jake Locker and Zach Mettenberger as No. 9 on the list.

Only, there’s no quarterback controversy. None. Locker has the job. If he’s injured or something unforeseen happens, maybe Metteneberger gets a shot. Not even that is guaranteed.

Throughout his post, Gunderson takes shots at Locker, saying he, “hasn’t done much but imitate Blaine Gabbert and throw interceptions while getting sacked play after play.”

He continues:

“The Titans decided not to pick-up the fifth-year option on Jake Locker’s contract for a reason, he isn’t any better than Gabbert and they are starting to realize such.” 

“Unfortunately for Tennessee, I think Locker starts here.”

Wait, what?

Locker has imitated Blaine Gabbert?

Year Tm No. G GS QBrec Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Lng Y/A Y/C Rate Sk Yds NY/A Sk%
2011 TEN 10 5 0 34 66 51.5 542 4 0 54 8.2 15.9 99.4 5 37 7.11 7.0
2012 TEN 10 11 11 4-7-0 177 314 56.4 2176 10 11 71 6.9 12.3 74.0 25 151 5.97 7.4
2013 TEN 10 7 7 4-3-0 111 183 60.7 1256 8 4 66 6.9 11.3 86.7 16 105 5.78 8.0
Career 23 18 8-10-0 322 563 57.2 3974 22 15 71 7.1 12.3 81.1 46 293 6.04 7.6
Provided by Pro-Football-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 5/30/2014.
Year Tm No. G GS QBrec Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Lng Y/A Y/C Rate Sk Yds NY/A Sk%
2011 JAX 11 15 14 4-10-0 210 413 50.8 2214 12 11 74 5.4 10.5 65.4 40 293 4.24 8.8
2012 JAX 11 10 10 1-9-0 162 278 58.3 1662 9 6 80 6.0 10.3 77.4 22 158 5.01 7.3
2013 JAX 11 3 3 0-3-0 42 86 48.8 481 1 7 67 5.6 11.5 36.0 12 67 4.22 12.2
Career 28 27 5-22-0 414 777 53.3 4357 22 24 80 5.6 10.5 66.4 74 518 4.51 8.7
Provided by Pro-Football-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 5/30/2014.

Locker’s sack percent numbers are significantly lower other than 2012, where the Tennessee quarterback was injured off and on throughout the season. The offensive line was also bad enough to get four new starter-potential lineman in two years.

Last season was the biggest jump though. Locker had a huge first couple games before injuring his hip, returning early and suffering a season-ending foot injury.

The two quarterbacks have gone in opposite directions despite Locker playing under three different offensive coordinators in four seasons.

Tennessee didn’t pick up the fifth-year option because Locker isn’t the guy. The Titans didn’t because they want to see him get through a season healthy. The same can’t be said for Gabbert.

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  • Zack

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone… Gunderson writes for Cover32. Those morons wrtie nothing but pure fiction and rant about whatever they want because they don’t care about journalistic integrity. The entire group is the same NFL wide. They think they have all the answers and that everything they say is true. I’m not sure which imaginary world they live in, but they need to come back to the real one for a bit. Had this putz bothered to look at Lockers stats just for last season… He’d notice Jake was one of the leading QBs in the entire NFL until he got hurt because our O Line sucked. THAT is truth that can be printed.

    • Raj Prashad

      My post wasn’t meant to bash Gunderson as much as tell the truth about Locker’s numbers. Also, I don’t think that’s a fair generalization. As journalists, we strive to tell the truth how we perceive it, no matter if that’s how others do or not. I also write for cover32 if you didn’t notice and hope you take a look at other posts around this growing site. I personally do the best I can for this site and hope to continue building on the blocks already in place.

    • Me

      If you hate this site so much, why are you here?
      But to the point of the article, I was always skeptical of both QBs. Locker was never accurate in college and I didn’t think he’d be in the NFL either. He’s better than Gabbert, because Gabbert was a disaster, but if he can’t stay healthy, what good does he do the Titans? I think Mettenberger will start the last six games of the season and Locker is elsewhere in 2015.

  • titanjim

    Locker was playing pretty well last year when he got injured–and that’s a problem—-but if he can stay on the field the Titans will make the playoffs and surprise some people