Could Michael Egnew be an X-factor in the Dolphins offense?


Earlier today, The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson reported that offensive coordinator Bill Lazor is splitting him outside in OTAs. This was after two years of trying to become a blocking tight end or even a fullback under Mike Sherman.

Egnew, who is 6’5 260 was drafted to be a pass catching, seem threat tight end in the 2012 draft. For some reason Mike Sherman wanted to turn him into something he is not, instead of playing to his strengths.

2012 was a rough year for Egnew as he only dressed for two games and did not catch a pass. He was also remembered for being torn apart by Sherman all minicamp on hard knocks.

2013 was a little different, he caught 7 of the 11 passes thrown his way, with a few nice ones near the end of the season. He still wasn’t used properly…. this time he lined up as a fullback where is was given the nickname “Ostrich” because he looked so big in a three point stance. It clearly didn’t look good, yet Mike Sherman loved it.

OTAs have just started and Egnew is already being used differently, and actually the right way. Egnew can cause problems in the middle of the field, as he did at Missouri for two years as a starter. Egnew could strive as a second tight end in Miami’s passing offense, especially when defenses focus on weapons like Charles Clay and Mike Wallace.

Bill Lazor seems to have a grasp on what type of offense he wants to run, and that is with Egnew causing matchup problems against linebackers and safeties as a #2 tight end. Egnew had  his two years to get used to the NFL, now that he may be used correctly, Egnew might turn out to be a solid 3rd round pick.

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