Player quotes from Miami Dolphins OTAs


Koa Misi on the main differences between playing outside versus inside

“I’ve played defensive end, I’ve played outside linebacker (and) all of our reads were from the outside in. I was walked out on number two. I’m playing Mike (linebacker) now, I’m in the middle. I’m reading everything inside out. I’m dropping in the middle. Everything’s different. I’ve got a lot more calls to make. I’ve got a lot more reads. With work, it will get better.”

Mike Wallace on where the chemistry is between him and QB Ryan Tannehill at this point

“It’s all right. It’s getting better every day. Last week, we didn’t hit any passes. This week, we hit a couple already. It’s a work in progress, but I think every day we’re getting better.”

Mike Wallace on how much it helps him to move around before the play

“Nobody can ever key on me. Last year, you kind of knew where I was every single play, what you had to do because I was there every game, same spot. Moving around, it’s harder for the defense to know where you’re at, harder for them to adjust.”

Wallace on how much better he thinks he can be given the advantage of moving around before the snap

“A lot better. Last year, I didn’t even have 1,000 yards. So we can be a lot better, so much better. It’s not just moving around, it’s just playing football in general, just myself, being a better player and putting in more work. I always feel like I work hard, but work even harder. Just try to get better every day.”

Delmas on his relationship with S Reshad Jones and if they are getting on the same page

“That dude, I thought I was funny, that dude’s hilarious. It’s hard to look at him sometimes and communicate with him and be serious. But he’s a great dude and I’m looking forward to going in to battle with him.”

Hartline on his health

“I feel good. I’m just being smart, letting time do its thing.

Hartline on how he likes the new style of offense

“It’s really interesting. I’ve never been in an offense like this, how it’s called, how it’s run, the combination routes. There’s a lot of things going on that I haven’t done. It’s really exciting and actually I’m really enjoying it. You can tell it puts a smile on my face. I can’t wait to learn more, do more and then put it into action.”


Quotes via Miami Dolphins

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