Cam Newton calls out Richard Sherman in Madden challenge


Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman are the finalists in this year’s vote to decide who will be on the cover of Madden. Newton and Sherman were the number one seeds going into the vote and they saw little competition on their way to the finals.

Over the weekend I wrote about this and asked the pertinent question: if the Madden cover curse is real, do we really want Sherman to grace the cover? I polled the 12th man and they seemed split on the issue: half don’t believe the curse is real and the other half does. Either way, you can vote here.

The fans will decide who’s on the cover, but a far more interesting question has just been thrown down. Who would win in a game of Madden?

Cam Newton wants to find out apparently, as last night he released a Youtube video challenging Richard Sherman:

I know that Newton is a pretty avid gamer and regularly takes on all comers. I don’t know about Sherman so we’ll have to wait and see.¬†Will Sherman answer the challenge? What will happen if he does? We’ll post an update if and when Sherman responds to Newton’s challenge.

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  • HHarriet

    Cam i never looked at foootball until i looked at the Clemson Tigers vs Auburn when you was in college. Have followed you since. surely wish i could afford to come to some of your home games. Cam you’re the man to win this challenge. But like Sherman as well!!