Mike Ditka once again addresses Matthew Stafford's hat style


Mike Ditka apparently still hasn’t let go of his feelings about Matthew Stafford’s hat being worn backwards. Thankfully, Stafford doesn’t care and said as much at a recent golf outing when the two of them were there and questioned about it.

Both Ditka and Stafford were appearing at Charlie Sanders’ charity golf outing. Ditka did he say he felt that Stafford had all the talent in the world and that he loves him but when questioned about the hat once more Ditka once again expressed his displeasure at Stafford’s style. Ditka went on about it like an old curmudgeon saying that Stafford needs to be more respectful and that the Lions logo should be seen as Stafford’s coming, not while he’s going. He went as far as to say that Stafford wasn’t in a gang, but when questioned about the fashion sense of his old quarterback Jim McMahon, he said McMahon was McMahon.

To Stafford’s credit, he blew the whole thing off and said he didn’t care while laughing about it. Both parties acknowledged that it wasn’t a big deal and felt no need to talk about it face to face.

Stafford has some things to answer for and some areas to improve upon. That being said, he’s the best quarterback the Lions have ever had, for better or worse. Ditka is old and not properly suited to be commenting on a young player’s sense of style, especially not someone like Stafford who has behaved like a complete professional throughout his young NFL career despite coming in as one of the league’s youngest players.

Ditka basically sounds like an old man yelling at some kids to get off his lawn. Stafford would have been well within his rights to turn it back around (the comment, not the hat) and ask Ditka how professional it was for Ditka to fall asleep on air; or appear on the cover of a magazine with Ricky Williams while Williams wore a wedding dress. He didn’t. I, on the other hand, just couldn’t seem to help myself. Ditka is silly and should retire. Stafford can wear his hat however he wants, it’s what he does between the lines that matters.

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  • Mr Stiles

    Bobbie Layne was the best QB the Lions ever had. Matthew Stafford may have the most potential but I keep being disappointed. This is from a diehard Lions fan, and a Georgia resident who saw Stafford play nearly every televised Bulldogs game. Yes he can throw. But I bet the receivers he has had to throw to would have made even Eric Hipple look like a HOFer