Grade Day: Jake Locker gets a B+ for progress


Jake Locker is coming back from an injury that ended his season much earlier than any in the Tennessee Titans organization would gave preferred. He’s working with his third offensive coordinator in four seasons.

Despite all that could be holding him back, Craig Peters from the team’s website notes, Locker is working to own the offense.

“Surprisingly, I feel like I have been able to have ownership of parts of it quicker than I have other things in the past,” Locker said. “I’m feeling really confident with making protection changes and calls. I’m feeling really confident with making some dummy calls here and there and doing things like that that I hadn’t been as comfortable doing before. There is a lot of stuff, but the way we’ve gone about it has really kind of allowed you to move quickly with it.”

Locker really seems to be moving along and it appears he has the trust and confidence from the coaching staff and his teammates. For the quarterback, he’ll need things to continue falling in the right places to hold remain in Tennessee next season.

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