Weekly Mailbag: Why is Cam Newton so much better under center?


It’s Weekly Mailbag time! Each week, we answer one or more questions from fans about the Carolina Panthers. If you’d like your question answered, tweet at us @Cover32_CAR or post it in the comments section! Without further ado, here’s this week’s question.

I read your story that showed how Cam Newton is much better under center than in the shotgun. This is a shock to me since the knock on him coming out of Auburn was that he played too much in the shotgun. Why is Cam so much better under center?

-Mickey in Gaffney, SC

For those who didn’t see the piece Mickey is referring to, it revealed that Cam Newton was more accurate, pushed the ball deeper, and was a better decision maker under center versus in shotgun. I would venture to say that is largely because Mike Shula and Ron Rivera tried to cut down on the designed runs for Cam last year to protect him from getting hit so much. As a result, the shotgun packages that once featured the threat of Newton running now have more predictable playcalling. Under center though, there’s still obviously the possibility of handing off to one of the running backs which isn’t as likely in shotgun. This is the trade-off you make when you decide to limit Cam’s running, which is one of his strengths, and with that recent ankle surgery, I doubt the coaching staff is going to change that.

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  • Doris Glenn

    Cameron Newton will be great this year in the center and in the shotgun. If we just back off the players with negative talk and allow them to do their jobs then we will be able to see a NFL treat starting in August.