Which player holds the key to the Detroit Lions success in 2014?


There are many keys to the Detroit Lions reaching the NFL playoffs this year. Certainly general manager Martin Mayhew sought to improve his offensive weapons this offseason and the additions should give Matthew Stafford the talent to reach the teams goals. The question here is who do you think is most important to the Lions improvement?

Is it the health of Calvin Johnson whose injuries towards the end of last season coincided with Stafford’s decline and the offense’s stagnation? Could Reggie Bush be the key out of the backfield or Eric Ebron’s rookie season make the difference. The key may lie with all pro defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh or one of his other defensive teammates. Then again, it may all truly lie on the shoulders, head and arm of Stafford.

There are many other keys as well including newly acquired Golden Tate, the other half of the running back duo Joique Bell or youngsters Kyle Van Noy and Darius Slay. Let us not forget the rookie star of last season Ziggy Ansah or soon to be free agent Nick Fairley. Who do you think holds the key to success for Detroit?

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  • Bob Morris

    no one player, it’s team as one unit

  • Tom

    it really took a lot of talent to write this article why not just put the roster up.

  • Jeremy Mackinder

    Thank you Tom for reading and for taking the time to provide thoughtful and constructive criticism. You may notice in reading this that the intention was to get an idea of what readers of this blog thought, as opposed to just writing what I felt the key was. It was and is intended to be an interactive piece, involving the readers and writer to interact and exchange ideas.

    Once again, thank you for being a part of that, though this style of interaction was not my intent, it did provide some insight to how you think regardless.

  • CJ

    Kellen Moore is the key. Hopefully, Team management pull their heads out of their butts in time.

  • CJ

    Stafford is nothing but a “potato gun.” He throws hard with no accuracy and it takes incredible talent to catch anything he puts up. Kellen, on the other hand, throws accurate passes that are easy to catch. And, better yet, he doesn’t have some ho of a girlfriend parading her ugly face and fat behind around on the internet.

  • paul

    It’s a team sport. Everyone who takes the field is important. But……..Stafford has the biggest opportunity to make an impact through play,leadership and attitude. Give me Stafford. Mayhew did a good job getting him the weapons. NO excuses. WIN!!!!