I Hate Thursday: Still no decision on Andre Johnson


The Andre Johnson drama has now been going on for three weeks and the matter still hasn’t been resolved. After voicing his frustration over the Houston Texans’ overall lack of success, and questioning if he still wants to be here, Johnson has, thus far, sat out OTAs

Reports a couple of weeks ago claimed that Johnson and the Texans had started sitting down┬áto talk over the situation, but there still is nothing new regarding Johnson’s behavior.

The Texans are a young team, but Johnson’s going to be 33 by the time the 2014 season starts, and it may be best for them to trade him while his value is high and get something good to help this team rebuild more.

But this drama has been dragging on for far too long with no end in site, and it’s becoming a major distraction for Johnson and the organization. It needs to be resolved soon enough.

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  • cyrus

    The texans should have got a qb the man need some help please stay jonhson we need u