I hate…what has happened to Kenny Britt


When the Tennessee Titans took Kenny Britt in the 2009 NFL Draft at No. 30 overall, it appeared to be the perfect fit for an up-and-coming offense.

From the highlight tapes, I was enamored with his skill set. Matched with Vince Young (of Kerry Collins or Matt Hasselbeck) and Chris Johnson, Britt was a complimentary piece to what could become a boom-or-bust offense.

Standing at 6’3″, 215, Britt was a monster in his rookie season, notching 701 yards as a rookie, then 775 in his sophomore campaign.

He managed to record 289 yards and three touchdowns in just three games before tearing his ACL in 2011. A combination of injuries and off-the-field issues derailed his career, but Britt has landed with the St. Louis Rams with an opportunity to turn his career around.

As far as being a fan, I can only hope Britt not only returns to being a productive receiver, but that he lives a healthy off-the-field life.

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  • Zack

    Oh yes, let’s all cry for Kenny Britt… Oh wait, I just remembered I can’t. He just like his ghetto pals Vince Young and Chris Johnson all brought things upon themselves. Britt is on his last chance in St. Louis. If he doesn’t shape up with Jeff Fisher, then he’s done in the NFL, It’s nice to see some teams finally not putting up with garbage from players like these guys. Unless of course it’s Dallas. Then they just get you a babysitter.

  • Orester Cox

    We need a tough receiver, and maybe a change of scenery is good for him, and Jeff Fisher knows how to deal with him! At least he didn’t hit his mother, like Bitch Ass Dez Bryant did! I hope that Britt does well, so he can shut all of you doubters the fuck up!