MEME: the many faces of “passionate” Doug Baldwin


There are few more exciting past times than teasing Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin via social media. Yesterday when the topic of punt returners came up on Twitter, Baldwin broke in on our conversation to voice his disapproval with the idea that he’d be expandable as a punt returner as opposed to a member of the legion of boom:

Hey, at least an angry Doug is a motivated Doug, right? We all have to do our part to keep him on point. Of course we don’t want anybody getting injured running punts back, but I still can’t swallow the idea of Earl Thomas being put at risk. Sorry Angry Doug… er… I mean Passionate Doug.

Here’s a meme exploring the many passionate faces of Mr. Baldwin:



Don’t ever change Doug.

We kid, of course. He’s a tremendous individual off the field. If you have a minute check out Brian Nemhauser’s personal story on Baldwin. It’s worth a read.

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