St. Louis Rams get favorable re-grade of their 2012 draft


Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller has been re-grading the 2012 draft classes of each NFL team this summer.

His grade for the Rams might surprise you.

Despite giving two of the Rams’ second-round picks an F – those two obviously being wide receiver Brian Quick (no. 33 overall) and running back Isaiah Pead (no. 50) – the Rams still received an A overall from Miller.

Here’s some of what Miller had to say about Les Snead and Jeff Fisher’s first draft class:

“Michael Brockers is a stud at nose tackle and will see more one-on-ones with Aaron Donald lined up next to him. The team missed on Brian Quick and Isaiah Pead, but it made up for it with Chris Givens and the duo of cornerbacks Janoris Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson.

Even the sixth-round-pick, Greg Zuerlein, was a steal, as he’s become a top-tier NFL kicker.”

Personally, I think an A might be a little high, considering Quick and Pead, two premium top-50 picks, have failed so miserably in their first two seasons. But Miller does bring up a good point that the Rams found two really good players in defensive tackle Michael Brockers and cornerback Janoris Jenkins and also made up for their Quick/Pead whiffs by finding good value in the later rounds in the draft, including third-round pick Trumaine Johnson, fourth-rounder Chris Givens and sixth-rounder Greg Zuerlein*.

*Although it could easily be argued that the Rams were so talent-deficient after the 2011 season that even a slightly below-average rookie would be a welcome change compared to the subpar veterans the Rams employed in the final season of the Steve Spagnuolo/Billy Devaney regime.

Still, if we’re using a traditional GPA system (which means the kind detailed here), then the Rams’ 2012 draft class would have had an overall GPA of 2.3, according to the individual player grades Miller assigned. To be fair, the Rams did select a total of 10 players, five of whom are projected Rams starters in 2014, which makes it easier to forgive some of the egregious misfires (hi, Rokevious Watkins and Aaron Brown!).

And if you want to weight the higher draft picks a bit more heavily, that’s fair too. So Brockers earning an A would be weighted more heavily than Watkins earning a D+. But then again, the weighted GPA would still probably balance out to around a 2.5 anyway once you factor in Quick and Pead’s F’s.

And yes, I’ve probably given this too much thought, but give me a break. Not much is going on right now. If you want to know, I give the 2012 draft class a B+ as of right now. I’d be willing to bump that up to an A if the following things happen this season:

  • Brockers becomes a Pro Bowler.
  • Jenkins and Johnson prove themselves worthy of long-term starting cornerback spots.
  • Either Brian Quick or Chris Givens become a quality starting wide receiver.
  • Greg Zuerlein hits a 70-yard field goal in a game. (Not mandatory but would be really cool.)

You can read the whole article here.

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