NY Jets rookie safety Calvin Pryor rips Brady, Pats, Giants


New York Jets safety Calvin Pryor earned his nick-name as a “Louisville Slugger”, due to the bone-crushing hits he can put on opposing receivers on the field. He loves to talk trash off the field, as well. Here’s what he had to say about Tom Brady, the New England Patriots, and New York Giants according to ESPN New York:

“We don’t like Tom at all”, Pryor said in an interview following the team’s OTA’s. “When I first came here, that was one of the first things I heard about: We hate the Patriots and we hate the Giants”, he said.

Pryor made a lot of Jets fans happy today. After Darrelle Revis ended up a Patriot in the off-season, Jets fans (understandably) want a little validation, that the player their rooting for has a hated for the division rival Patriots. He will get his shot to play the Pats (twice) this year, and attempt to prove himself on the field. As for the cross-town rival New York Giants, that won’t happen for at least a year. That’s if you’re excluding the pre-season game the two teams play each year, of course.

Pryor’s had a hot start to his rookie (off) season. He is a quick learner, flying around the field and talking trash to the Pats and Giants. What else could Rex Ryan possibly want in his 2014 first round pick?

Maybe Pryor is the bone general manger John Izdik is throwing to Rex Ryan, who lost both Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie in back to back off-seasons.

Only time will tell if Pryor will have the impact of either cornerback Ryan had lost; causing frustration to opposing quarterbacks.

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  • Will

    Has not even taken one professional snap yet and already running our mouths. NOT GOOD! Lets keep our lips locked and beat the PATS twice this year instead of jawing. As far as the Giants go, we do not hate the Giants…difference conference…different division….they have nothing to do with us. Whoever wrote this article is a real moron!

    • Thanks for the comment. By “us” you must be referring to the New York Jets. Are you a fan? If you are, I’m not sure if you should be speaking on behalf of the entire fan-base. As for the Giants having “nothing to do with” the Jets”, they’re the only two teams in THE LEAGUE to share a city, stadium. The Jets and Giants are cross-town rivals. I get that they’re in different conferences… but that’s besides the fact that this column was written to provide a story. And remember — this is Calvin Pryor’s quote, not mine. But thanks for the moron comment…. hey at least you left a comment!