Ron Rivera doesn’t want Cam Newton on the Madden cover


Cam Newton and Richard Sherman are the two finalists for the cover of Madden 2015 and if Carolina head coach Ron Rivera had his way, Sherman would be on the cover. According to John Breech of CBS, Rivera has been voting for Sherman to spare Newton any chance of the “Madden Curse.”

The so-called curse has claimed many victims of the players who have been put on the cover of the video game series by themselves. Yes, we’re excluding the year when Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu both were on the cover of Madden 10.

In 1999, Garrison Hearst was the first player on the cover and suffered an awful foot injury that kept him out of action for two years. Barr Sanders was on the cover in 2000 and retired before the season started. Michael Vick was on the cover of Madden 04 and broke his leg in preseason leading to Atlanta finishing 5-11.

There’s also a history of a Seattle player making the cover in Shaun Alexander in Madden 2007. He broke his left foot in week three, missed six weeks and only played 17 more games in his career.

So maybe this jinx thing is real. And if so, we should all show “support” for our fellow NFC West player and vote for Sherman to get on the cover. That said, here’s the link¬†and today is the last day. So vote Sherman, like 47 times, today.


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