Jim Irsay could face a one million dollar fine and eight week suspension


According to Adam Shefter of ESPN, Jim Irsay could face a six to eight week suspension during the 2014 NFL season and up to a $1 million fine, stemming from his DUI arrest in March.

Irsay was charged with two misdemeanors from the arrest last month.


Irsay, who was found with 29,000 dollars in cash at the time of the arrest, has been awaiting his punishment from the league office since. Many players have been watching closely, including the NFLPA to see if Roger Goodell will hand down a punishment similar to what a player would receive.

The suspension could result in loss of pay for the entire time, and although the owners do not right their own checks. The loss of money would likely come from the checks the owners divide up from the league, or from TV revenue share.

Whatever happens, everyone will be talking about this the second the suspension comes down from the league office. If the punishment is harsh, players will not be enthusiastic about this.

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    At least drinking, driving and have drugs in your car, isn’t as bad as making racial remarks.