Weekly Rewind: Looking deeper into Cam Newton’s 2013 Pro Bowl season


June is about as slow of a time as there is in the NFL when it comes to news so we decided to take advantage of that. We spent pretty much all of this week breaking down some situational stats that help illuminate where Cam Newton is as a quarterback right now. Some of the strengths and weaknesses revealed will shock some Carolina Panthers’ fans. Here are those pieces and more from this week:

-There’s one thing that’s holding back Cam Newton from being a nearly identical passer to Aaron Rodgers (READ)

-Cam Newton is much better under center than in shotgun, but why? (READ)

-Cam is a Top 5 quarterback when teams generate pressure with the blitz (READ)

-Speaking of Newton, what kind of deal should he expect in light of Colin Kaepernick’s new contract? (READ)

-After Pro Football Focus and others called Luke Kuechly overrated, one our columnists shut down that notion completely (READ)

-Ron Rivera recently talked about a big change he made that he believes spurred Carolina’s turnaround 2013 season (READ)

-Which Panthers rookie has the funniest Twitter account? (READ)

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