Marshawn Lynch entourage involved in backstage scuffle


Earlier today I posed the question in my column: is Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch being phased out of the team’s offense? If this next story is to be believed, it may accelerate that process.

According to multiple sources and reported on TMZ’s website, Lynch’s entourage was involved in an alteraction at a rap concert last night in San Francisco called Club California. Supposedly, Lynch and his crew bum-rushed the security guards backstage and attacked a man named D.J. Mustard and his crew over comments he made on a New York City radio station recently.



Rapper Mista F.A.B. denied that Lynch was directly involved in the scuffle though:

There are reports that Lynch, F.A.B. and their friends rushed Mustard and his crew and attacked them over comments Mustard made on a NYC radio station.¬†While F.A.B. tells us there was definitely high tensions between the two crews — things never came to blows … with the rappers adamant that Marshawn was NOT involved in anything physical…”

The Seahawks and Lynch have had no comment thus far. If either party makes a statement regarding the alleged incident we will update this report to add it.

Lynch pled guilty to reckless driving back in February stemming from an a DUI stop in his native Oakland in July of 2012. The NFL has not come to a decision as of yet whether to suspend Lynch over the case. While Lynch has been very active in charities in his home town he has had a difficult time shedding the thuggish image attached to him by the mainstream media, and reports like these aren’t likely to help.

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  • Sydney.pythius

    Lynch does not need a crew cause he is a one man gang.