Quotable Monday: Houston Texans celebrate Father’s Day early


The Houston Texans know how important it is to have a good family growing up, especially a loving father. No matter how busy he is or how much free time he has, the team made sure that fathers had time to bond with their kids at a special event.

The Houston Texans celebrated Father’s Day this past Saturday, hosting an annual event called “First Down Dads Field Day” at Houston Methodist Training Center.

It was an event that allowed the participants to meet head coach Bill O’Brien, team ambassadors and try out football drills while meeting players Shiloh Keo and Cody White.

Keo wanted strong relationships being built through this event. saying ““I’m a dad so I understand the importance of taking time away from my busy schedule and giving it back to my son,” and then continued to say “We love our kids and we want to make time for them, and that’s what this event is all about.”

They celebrated Father’s Day early, by putting on a very special event to make sure kids got to bond with their fathers. It was a very nice gesture for the Texans to do this, as the players prepare for a very busy 2014 NFL season.


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