Quotable Monday: Karlos Dansby doesn’t see a weakness in Cleveland


Karlos Dansby has been on good teams (his Arizona Cardinals went to Super Bowl XLIII) and on some bad teams as well. He would be better suited than most on the current Cleveland Browns roster to determine what kind of a team we have for 2014. And his take on it is surprisingly optimistic:

“I can see what everyone else can’t see.” He said regarding the 2014 Browns, “This team is prime. We are ready. What is our weakness here?”

I applaud his enthusiasm whole-heartedly. Truth be told, it really brightened my day to hear this from a veteran free agent. But it’s hard to get too excited, especially considering his last statement. What is our weakness? Well, how about we start with wide receiver – a position ravaged by off-the-field incidents. Quarterback is another. Yes, Brian Hoyer is competent, and Johnny Manziel is a dynamic potential superstar. But really, looking at the team as it stands right now, QB is still a weak spot. Or maybe the greatest weakness is Cleveland’s losing history over the past couple of decades?

All I can say is that I hope Dansby knows what he’s talking about.

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