Baltimore Ravens must tighten their off-field act


By now, it is no secret that the Ravens organization has been in the hot seat amid all the recent mishaps and arrests. Running back Ray Rice will likely face a 2-4 game suspension to begin the season, guard Jah Reid is due for a court date soon and newly drafted Coastal Carolina running back, Lorenzo Taliaferro, was recently arrested for being public drunkenness and smashing a taxi’s window.

Are these arrests and mishaps foreshadowing things to come? Only time will tell.  Coach John Harbaugh stated his disappointment publicly, and rightfully so.

The Ravens have had an impressive offseason with some key additions, such as veteran Steve Smith Sr. from Carolina, and selecting C.J. Mosley in the draft was a terrific move by Ozzie Newsome and company. Unfortunately, immaturity and disobedience have been looming around the Ravens facility, and that is something every NFL team cannot afford to have.

The Ravens will look to their seasoned veterans to straighten these problems out, and also the young players that caused them. Personally, I would like to see linebacker Terrell Suggs and receiver Steve Smith Sr. bring a certain swagger back to the Ravens that they haven’t had since their Super Bowl run.  A focused swagger, however more tough than foolish.

It also wouldn’t hurt to help their teammates stay out of easily avoidable trouble.

The Ravens organization has a reputation for being one of the best in the business, but situations like these stain the franchise. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come during the regular season.

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