Sean Payton evaluates rookies and veterans evenly


Veteran NFL players hate offseason work outs.

That is an undeniable fact, and if you need proof of that just look at the lengths Brett Favre was willing to go just to skip out on the tedious monotony of mini-camps, OTA’s, and training camp.

But when it comes to the New Orleans Saints, most veterans are stripped of their rank in the minds of the coaching staff during offseason work outs in order to better evaluate the talent they have (Drew Brees likely being an exception to this rule).

In the eyes of Saints’ coach Sean Payton, veterans and rookies alike must take offseason workouts seriously not only to improve themselves, but the team as a whole.

“There are some rookies that learn exceptionally fast and they pick it up right away and there are some veterans the same way,” Payton told “They may understand the ropes a little bit more, but in saying that there are some veterans maybe that don’t pick things up as easily. It is a mixed bag and we try and really once they get here, put the name on the helmet and really go by what we see.”

Put that name on your helmet and get out there, Who Dat Nation, we’re only 87 days from the regular season kickoff!

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