Top 10 in 2014: The best kickers in the NFL today

Credit: Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports

Typically speaking, sports fans tend to worry about two things – the past and the future. They’ll debate who was the greatest player of all-time, while also spending hours discussing whether or not a rookie is going to be develop into an All-Pro.

Both are fun exercises, things that keep fans engaged and the beer flowing at the local tavern. But they miss out on what is most important – the present.

Forget about yesterday. Never mind tomorrow. Let’s talk about today.

Who are the best players in the NFL right now? Who can help a team win the Super Bowl this season? Who is writing a legacy with each passing week?

Those are the questions the editors at cover32 seek to answer in this series, “Top 10 in 2014.” In the coming weeks, every positions – as well as head coach, general manager and other off-field areas – will be graded, evaluated and ranked.

The series continues with a position that is becoming a deadly weapon in today’s NFL – kicker. Teams that have a good one are practically in scoring territory the moment they cross midfield. While ones that struggle to find a reliable option, struggle in close games and are forced to make questionable decisions in the waning moments.

Let the debate begin!


10. Mason Crosby

Crosby bounced back in 2013

After a very rough year in 2012, the Packers kicker bounced back with the best season of his career. In 2013, Crosby connected on a career high 89.2 percent of his field goal attempts, which included going a perfect 21-of-21 on kicks from 39 yards or less. Being virtually automatic on those kinds of attempts makes for a dangerous weapon in the kicking game, as it prevents a team from having good drives go for naught.

9. Adam Vinatieri

At 41, Vinatieri is as reliable as ever

It’s cliché, but it’s true: If the future of civilization relied on one field goal being made, there’s no better choice to take the kick than Vinatieri. And at 41 years old, the former Super Bowl hero shows no signs of slowing down. Last season, he led the NFL in field goals made from beyond 40 yards, connecting on 19 long-distance kicks. That helped him total the third most field goals made in the league.


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  • Tad

    So Matt Bryant didn’take the list? Interesting

  • Me

    Blair Walsh should be somewhere on here. Even though he kicks in a dome. But Greg the Leg made it, so why not? Sea-Bass and Gould are the other two guys I felt like deserved to be mentioned, but overall this list isn’t too bad. Don’t think I would have included Novak or Crosby.

  • Jessica

    Hausch Money!! Go Hawks!

  • James Barbs

    OUT: Novak and Scobee and Crosby
    IN: Gould and Dawson and Gano

  • James Barbs

    You forgot Gano, Gould, and Dawson (if he re-signs)!!
    Replace Crosby, Scobee, and Novak with the 3 above!! 🙂

  • john

    I would take the guy most likely to make 50+ yarder with 2 seconds left. Blair Walsh

    • justin

      I agree no way Walsh isn’t a top 5 kicker his stats in the last 2 seasons blow everyone else out of the water

  • Chris

    Seriously, no Robbie Gould? Only like the 4th or 5th best field goal percentage of all time. Best amongst currently active kickers. Why are all the writers you hire for your site morons?

  • Brian Schwartz (@bws258)

    Robbie Gould, duh

  • Todd

    Robbie Gould not on list he is like 3 kicks away form being all time best percentage and kicking in Solider Field in that wind and brutal cold every year. Who does this research

  • Cathy Selpien

    How could you leave out Robbie Gould. Are you nuts or in your own world!
    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Rich

    PLEASE CORRECT THIS LIST – and add Robbie Gould. YOU SHOW YOUR COMPLETE IGNORANCE AND LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. You should be number one in the Top Worst Sports Writers. Come on you have to do better.