Buffalo Madden 16 cover boy is…


So Richard Sherman is the Madden cover boy for 2015. Congrats Seattle, that just cursed both your defense and your repeat hopes this year. That aside, Buffalo has drafted well the past three years, have signed some key and critical free agents and everyone in Western New York believes the Bills are poised for a break-out year. To that end, if Buffalo makes the playoffs, then we just might be facing the Madden curse in 2016. If the Bills happen to go deep in the playoffs, then all of a sudden Buffalo has some young, exciting marquee players who are gaining national attention. Don’t forget that Seattle is stuck in the upper Northwest in the pacific time zone, and is not talked about all that much (until of course the Super Bowl). Who therefore would be the likely candidates from the Buffalo Bills to be the 2016 Madden poster boy?

EJ Manuel. Of course if EJ plays as advertised and leads the Bills to the playoffs, he’s automatically the face of the franchise, would instantly become a fan favorite in the mold of Jim Kelly, and would have to receive serious consideration as the team’s most popular player.

CJ Spiller. If he can stay healthy, he is a highlight reel waiting to happen. If CJ plays 16 games then there is no telling how many yards rushing and receiving he’ll have, and how many times he’ll be featured on ESPN.

And of course there is the exciting rookie WR Sammy Watkins. I know, I know, he’s not played in a game or caught a pass but, if the Bills win 10-11-12 games then it is safe to assume that the number 4 overall pick had an impact, caught a bunch of passes, scored a ton of touchdowns, became a household name and a fan favorite. I don’t think I am going out on a limb in saying that if the Bills go deep in the playoffs than Sammy Watkins worked out and would be Madden worthy.

Since Richard Sherman is a defensive player than I have to give some thought to our ever imposing defense. And with all due respect to DE Mario Williams, the one guy I can see on the Madden cover is one LB Kiko Alonso. He already has the legend of KIKO working for him, has been profiled on ESPN and is moving to the outside where he is bound to make more spectacular plays. Kiko is our playmaker and again, if we win 12 games then that means Kiko was all over the field sacking the QB, returning interceptions for TDs and becoming an all-around terror. The legend therefore grows, and Kiko finds himself on the cover.

Oh don’t get me wrong, while I think Buffalo normally takes it in the shorts with the national media, I do not want to see any of our beloved Buffalo Bills grace the cover of Madden. Win the Super Bowl? Yes. Win multiple Super Bowls? At the risk of being greedy…you bet. Run afoul of the football Gods and expose one of our best players to the almighty Madden curse? Never!! If you don’t think that curse is real just ask Michael Vick, Donavan McNabb and Vince Young.

Oh, it’s real.

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