Don’t mistake Manziel-Mania for Tebowmania 2.0


It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that Manziel-Mania is simply “Tebowmania: The Sequel,” but that really isn’t the case. While the plot is similar, these are two different stories.

First and foremost, Johnny Manziel is a much more talented player that Tim Tebow ever was. I hope we can all agree on that. If the Broncos didn’t select Tebow in the first round, he easily could have fallen to the fourth round, possibly even lower. Manziel, though, was selected with the 22nd pick, and that was a steal.

The Tebow experience was unexplainable. It was like seeing Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster; you simply couldn’t believe what you were seeing. A man who couldn’t throw the ball 10 yards was somehow orchestrating one of the most exciting seasons in NFL history. He led the Broncos to the playoffs and cemented his season with a walk-off 80-yard touchdown pass.

Still, nobody can explain or comprehend it. How could somebody be so miserable for the first 55 minutes and yet so great in the final five?

Manziel, on the other hand, is explainable. He may be erratic and unpredictable, but if he succeeds, we’ll understand that it’s because he’s actually good at football.

The reason we’re all drawn to Manziel is his superstar persona. He can’t get out of the spotlight. It seems that he’s at every sporting event, every club and on the cover of every magazine.

Right now, the only thing more exciting than his rock star life is his play on the field, and that’s a good thing. Everybody keeps getting worked up about what Manziel is doing off the field, but once he steps on the field, his play will eventually overshadow everything else.

When Tebow won, we had to talk about everything else because we couldn’t put two coherent sentences together to explain what was happening on the field. If and when Manziel wins, we’ll be able to talk about football, and everything else will take its rightful place in the background.

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  • SMED0206

    Well if you just go by pure stats and not champioships, yeah I guess Manziel is a little better than Tebow….but it will be the same result. At least Tebow won 1 playoff game.

    • Eric Johnson

      At this point, as a long-suffering Browns fan, I’ll take 1 playoff win…