Dumb Tweets: trolls want Madden Curse to hit Richard Sherman


There are a lot of obnoxious sports fans in the world, and they come in all different kinds of stripes. There’s the drunk guy sitting a row behind you who whistles in your ear for four innings until you have no choice but to punch him in the groin. There’s the hopeless homer whose favorite team has never done any wrong and will never lose any games. Worst of all is the kind of fan that actually wants somebody to get injured.

That’s the subject of today’s edition of dumb tweets. As you all know by now, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman will be the cover athlete for Madden 15 which will be released in August. He wants the entire Legion of Boom on the cover as well but that remains to be seen.

Ever since winning the Madden vote on ESPN, a lot of people, heck let’s just call them what they are, a lot of ignorant neanderthals have been opening their pieholes on Twitter hoping that Sherman will get hit by the Madden curse and be injured in 2014. Here’s just a small sample of the idiocy currently circulating through the dark, sludgy neather regions of cyberspace:


It’s probably best just to ignore this kind of stupid. There’s nothing that can be done to help these people and their behavior isn’t likely to change, even if they suffer a debilitating injury while playing sports themselves. But I felt it necessary to bring attention to this kind of crap because there’s simply too much of it in our society and sports in general. News flash: these athletes are playing for YOUR ENTERTAINMENT. The reason so many people don’t like Sherman is because he is 100 percent aware of this and plays up that angle. He is an entertainer. Do you want actors and musicians to get hurt while on stage, singing for their supper because you’re too fat and stupid to be productive with your time? No, of course you don’t. So I’m going to say this once. Don’t wish for athletes to get hurt, for any reason, anywhere. Period.

Let’s just hope that these folks are all too stupid to reproduce.

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