“Flacco is what Flacco is — he doesn’t care…”


I think Flacco is what Flacco is — he doesn’t care.  He will do what he wants to do.  Look at how he handled the contract negotiations.  You’ve got to be careful how much you’re going to change him, I would think.

The above is a quote about Joe Flacco from an unnamed personnel director working in another capacity.  It is one of many quotes that were published on BaltimoreRavens.com from individuals dubbed “insiders,” but all that term has proven is that insiders are just as prone to reactionary messes as anyone else.

It seems as though the above personnel director is confusing apathy with reservedness.

Joe Flacco is many things, however, I wouldn’t accuse him of not caring.  He becomes demonstrative only under the most extreme scenarios, however his celebratory yells are as indicative of care as anything else.  Likewise, his dejected persona when the team is performing below standards — whether it be his doing or his teammates — demonstrates a thin tolerance for mediocrity.

Joe Flacco has called himself a boring guy before.  He won’t hide the fact that he won’t be burning the midnight candle.  Even in college, he preferred to live a somewhat secluded life among one of the richer party cultures.  In fact, most of the people in the know described him as a very dedicated and studious player and individual.  And don’t mistake his demeanor as disinterest — he possesses a competitive fire that drives him.

And on the off chance he is motivated by the “haters” like Colin Kaepernick, there is no shortage of ammunition. No matter what the “insiders” are saying about Flacco’s ability, many think he is a perfect fit for Kubiak’s scheme.  I suspect he cares a fair amount about proving that the 2013 Ravens was a fluke.

Let’s see what the “insiders” have to say in 2015.  Hell, we’re “insiders” too, what do you have to say?

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