Johnny Manziel, drunk, riding on an inflatable swan


Yes, those words can be put together in a single descriptive sentence. And yes, it would appear to be accurate:

If that is in fact Johnny Manziel, then the Cleveland Browns have themselves a quarterback like no other in recent NFL history. Sure, Tim Tebow was polarizing on and off the field…but did he ever get so smashed that he jumped on an inflatable swan as he continued to inebriate himself? I kind of doubt it. With Manziel, the Browns have someone who’s not afraid to follow his basic impulses.

Now, before you start getting judgmental, just put yourself in his shoes. You’re at an X games after party, and you’ve been drinking quite a bit. In fact, you still have a giant bottle of rum in your hands that you’ve been working on for the past hour or so. Suddenly, you see it: a huge, glorious, shimmering inflatable swan! What would you do in that situation? I certainly know what I would do: I’d jump onto that sucker and ride it off into the sunset!

Johnny Cleveland is living life to the fullest. And I’m not blaming him for it.

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  • ron

    He’ll be more fucked up than this after he takes his first big NFL hit

  • Kevin Rodriguez

    It was Champagne….get the facts right if you’re going to report.

  • spb

    I’m sure there are papperazzi following him when he takes a number 2. Sheesh, who cares? As long as he performs no one should give a damn. I didn’t want the Browns to pick him because I liked Bridgewater, but now that he’s a Brown, I wish him well.

  • WTF?

    You have no proof that he’s “smashed”, there’s no law against floating around in an inflatable swan, and get a life.

    • Eric Johnson

      I think you missread the article…I was condoning his actions.