Raiders QB Competition: Carr Will Not Beat Schaub


Very early on the Oakland Raiders have stated that they are firmly committed to quarterback Matt Schaub as their starter for the 2014 season despite having drafted QB Derek Carr in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft.  As Raider Nation is well aware, Jim Trotter reported that head coach Dennis Allen stated that Schaub would be the starter and that the only way that Carr would be tapped to start over Schaub is if something catastrophic occurred.  If any of you have been following the NFL, then you know that Schaub’s 2013 season with the Houston Texans could have been described as catastrophic as he was benched in favor of QB Case Keenum.

Albert Breer recently reported that it’s an internal belief that Carr will oust Schaub as the Raiders’ starting QB.  Organized Team Activities has seen a rookie QB who has exhibited talent and intelligence leading the club to think about turning to Carr sooner than initially expected.  Carr has already convinced the Raiders that a red-shirt season won’t be necessary.  So despite the fact that Allen has been quoted as saying that he feels that Schaub is “on par with the quarterbacks in this division” it would seem the tide is already starting to turn; much earlier than any of us thought that it would.

So according to Allen, Schaub is on par with the likes of Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers, the number one and number two ranked QBs in Gregg Rosenthal’s 2013 Quarterback Index.  Schaub was ranked 31st behind his eventual replacement Keenum and also behind current Raiders backup QB Matt McGloin.  I like to see Raider Nation being positive about Schaub bouncing back this year and having a stellar season for the Raiders, but I’m not sure that I can put all my skepticism aside just yet.  It’s early to do so.  I don’t necessarily fully agree with these very early reports that Carr will push Schaub for the starting job either.  I think that there are clear reasons that he won’t beat the veteran.

Demonstrating efficiency and intelligence under center at this point in the off-season is quite different from being under center during the regular season and staring down an NFL veteran who is coming across the line to sack you.  It’s too soon to really see how rookie QBs will function in an NFL offense.  Hearing people say that Carr will most definitely fare well just takes me back to last preseason when the common thought was that Tyler Wilson would easily be number three on the depth chart.  Wilson came to the Raiders out of University of Arkansas and had shown a lot of promise during his college career, but once he got to the NFL level, it just seemed like the game was moving too quickly for him.  Even during the preseason games, Wilson just looked like he was drowning.

This is why Carr should definitely take as much time to learn as he can.  That’s not to say that him sitting on the bench to learn will give the Raiders an Aaron Rodgers who was able to learn behind Brett Favre, but that extra time to observe a veteran to see how he goes through his progressions would definitely benefit any rookie QB.  Though it seems that most of the Raiders organization is starting to realize that Carr could potentially start sooner than had been anticipated, it would be much wiser for the rookie to take advantage of the veterans that general manager Reggie McKenzie has been spending the bulk of the off-season signing to the roster.

It’s interesting to see the speculation on who the starting QB will be already shifting to the rookie over the veteran.  Of course, this early in the game, it’s definitely hard to even tell what is real and what is being said just to drum up drama in camp.  It’s definitely one of those times of the year where it’s a struggle to find things to talk about and most of the things being heard out of OTAs can’t be taken 100% seriously.  It’s the time of year where we all sigh and say, fine, we just have to wait to see what will happen.

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  • Anonymous

    Cant wait for the season to start….that’s for sure

    • Amy Contizano

      I can’t wait either!!! This is the point in time where it always feels like it’s SO far away!

  • Larry Applegate

    Finally. High hopes for my Raiders.

    • Amy Contizano

      Yes, finally!! Been a long and dark road!

  • Ric

    Don’t get to up Raiders will b just as bad as they hav been. They still will lose all those close games. They don’t hav players or coaches to compete in div

    • gjolley24

      So you missed the draft and the offseason so far huh ?????

  • Terrence Healy

    The Good thing is we have 3 Good Quarterbacks, we needed a Big Dollar Tight End and another big dollar Receiver, but the current players can all step up to the plate and actually be better and feed off of each other, we will have a good season. We have the talent. Can’t wait for Pre-Season to see how good they are!

  • Al’s Wingman

    There is no basis for Carr to start. He’s not the second coming of Peyton Manning. He played well in a decent but not great college conference. He has proven nothing at an NFL level. In fact, he has proven nothing against upper echelon college talent either. His potential can only be measured once he gets some game time against NFL starters. So either the coaching staff is blowing smoke or they really are as lame and ineffective at evaluating talent as they have been for a few years now.

  • sclyde

    Good Article, however, after every season when a rookie is drafted, all the attention turns to how quickly they can get him on the field. I mean the public, not the coaches. Let us not forget one individual that has proven quite well for himself in Matt McGloin. I’ve followed his college career and with continued “Good” coaching, this kids potential is unlimited.
    Don’t get me wrong, with whoever they go with, I’ll support 100%, but all I’m saying is Do Not overlook McGloin.

  • cattdaddy

    While I’m not a proponent of starting a rookie Carr imo is no regular rookie in that he has had an advantage few prospects ever have. Like him or hate him Derek Carr was a #1 pick in the NFL! Derek has been around NFL meeting rooms, taught by NFL talent all his high school and college years. The most intriguing thing i have read came from david stating he didn’t learn how to prepare for a game until he got

  • cattdaddynyge


    Got to the giants under eli manning. Consider that premise and what it says about David who has been coaching his little brother for this opportunity. He has already made all the mistakes for Derek to learn from and he seems to have applied them in his collegent career

  • antdogg66

    sit out the year learn the game of the big nfl then come out smokin

  • Morgan Mundane

    Funny for the fans if both end up busts. Always next year I guess?