Twitter Tuesday: Colts game ranks 20th on top 20 of 2013


All eyes were in Indianapolis during week 7 last year when former Colt, Peyton Manning, returned to the city and franchise he helped build for 13 seasons.

It was marked as one of the hottest games of the year, and the two teams met during the Sunday night matchup on prime time TV. What would follow was one of the best Colts performances of the season.

When Manning was released by the Colts in 2012 and soon after signed by the Denver Broncos, Colts fans and the rest of the world were interested in when the former Colts great would return to play his former team. Just like Brett Favre, Joe Montana, Warren Moon, and Donovan McNabb had before.

The difference was in this situation, Manning had built Lucas Oil Field, and put the Colts on his back for so many years when the talent around him was nowhere near a playoff team, something he would do almost every year in his league.

The stage was set, the Broncos came in undefeated, and there seemed to be many Colts fans in attendance that were still Manning fanatics, but that soon would not matter. Peyton received his warm welcoming, but the second the ball was kicked off the young Colts team showed they too belong in the elite talks among AFC teams.

The Colts would jump out to a 26-14 lead at halftime, and never look back. Luck and company would go on to win 39-33 behind four total touchdown from Luck.

With Manning losing in his former house, it seemed that some tension was lifted from Colts fans, and that it was finally time to move on from the Manning regime. As Luck moves into his third season in the NFL, this win in the 2013 season was labeled by the NFL Network as the 20th best game of the season.


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