Grade Day: Mike Pettine gets an “A” for coaching


The past few weeks have contained story after story from people who are indignant that Johnny Manziel, the rookie QB for the Cleveland Browns, is having fun on his weekends. A trip to Vegas to party with Gronk? How irresponsible. Riding on an inflatable swan? Juvenile. The whole hubbub just makes my head spin.

As it turns out, the voice of reason has been found in the Browns’ new head coach Mike Pettine. He had a lot to say, but the quote that made me stand up and applaud is this:

“We’re not going to be in the business of micromanaging our players outside of the building,”

Amen, coach Pettine, amen. For treating his NFL players like adults, Petting gets an “A”.

To see more of Pettine’s comments, click here.

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