Mailbag: Ted Thompson’s future with the Pack in question?


With mandatory mini camps starting this week around the league, it won’t be long now until we start to see the rosters start to form. Of the rookies or the any of the players fighting to make the cut, is there anybody who stands out to you as far as a surprise to make the Packers’ 53-man roster? A surprise cut that won’t make the 53-man roster?

– Jay from Chicago, Ill.

I think a surprise cut will be Colt Lyerla, the tight end out of Oregon. The Packers already have Andrew Quarless and Richard Rodgers at the position. Unless Lyerla can beat out the third-rounder from Califonia and Brandon Bostick, I don’t see him having an opportunity on the roster. As far as a surprise for making the roster, I think DuJuan Harris is going to have his work cut out. The Packers have a solid trio of Eddie Lacy, James Starks and Johnathan Franklin in the backfield and undrafted running back Rajion Neal has more upside than Harris. There are going to be some tough decisions made on cut day and with the questions at offensive line, I think the Packers would rather carry an extra offensive lineman over a fifth running back.


Here in Denver all anybody is talking about is the mentorship of DeMarcus Ware over Von Miller and how Ware both on and off the field is positively affecting the entire locker room of the Denver defense. Does Julius Peppers bring any of that to the Green Bay locker room?

– Mary in Denver, Colo.

Both players will provide a veteran presence to young defensive units, but Ware has more of an impact because he is guaranteed a starting spot. Peppers is a situational pass-rusher at this point and likely won’t have as much of an impact on the field. Off the field, he will be able to mentor Nick Perry and Datone Jones so in some sense, he will have a role similar to Ware’s in Denver.


I’ve heard rumors the past few weeks relating to Ted Thompson’s health and how it’s possibly declining. Have you heard any of these rumors, or can you validate any of them to be true? If he has to leave the Packers how does the future look for the team?

– Luke in Hayward, Wis.

According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Thompson said he was “just getting started”. At 61, there are some concerns over his age given his demanding job. However, there is nothing to suggest that his health is declining and he won’t be leaving the Green Bay front office any time soon. The Packers have experienced a lot of success under Thompson and there would be no point in putting an end to that now, especially if the general manager feels fine.

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