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This week the Bills Mafia Facebook page grabbed my attention on a few different topics. We need to continue to be a voice through the social media platforms and show just how loyal and strong the Bills fan base is! We depend on your interaction to expand the brand and notoriety of this team! It feels as though each offseason frustrated Bills fans will go to both extremes when anticipating the upcoming campaign. Self appointed ‘expert’ analysts leak through the cracks and stir up many different social media debacles. Don’t let them get to you Bills fans, let’s let the play in 2014 do all of the talking! Let’s see what some Bills Mafia supporters have going through their head this week!

Ok. Buffalo fans, How bout ya talk about this. How come every frickin year since, IDK, The Buffalo Bills reports that in OTA the defense outperforms the offense, I mean this has been going on for too long. It is time for our own offense score a lot on our defense. the Saints, Packers and Patriots in OTA and practice, the offense always outperforms the defense, then the defense plays better once the team plays other teams. AND DATS WHAT MATTER. Don’t ya agree on this??

Top responses: (one from our very own Mike Guittar @GdoubleT)

Bryan Smith I don’t think that’s an issue have to remember that it’s not full contact and with buffalos defensive personnel would you expect anything less?


Marshall Howard The offense is running new plays in the beginning they are still learning and the defense is reacting.


Brad Ahern Our Defense is elite and our offense isnt yet


Mike Guittar They don’t tackle in OTAs… A defense will always out perform an offense when they only have to be touched down.

The casual Football fan may not have been aware that the OTA’s is run with only touch tackling to preserve the health of the pending players. Bills fans don’t be alarmed that the offense isn’t outperforming the defense, it’s still early! Let’s set the tackle or not to tackle point aside and discuss briefly GI’s overall point.

With the way that the 2013 Denver Broncos offense performed all season long compared to the team that we saw suit up for the Super Bowl, it’s safe to say that a stud defense is a better way to gamble. Following the big game last year, I heard a lot of people saying how terrible they thought the game was, and disappointed they were with the outcome. I guess we had a lot of people (reluctant to admit even) routing for the Broncos to dominate. Even though I did favor the Broncos, I loved the game! It was a complete and utter shutdown performance by the #1 defense in the NFL last year! The Seattle Seahawks showed that no matter how many records you set offensively, defense will win you championships.

With one of the top defenses in the NFL last year I would hope that they would outperform the offense in this offseason, regardless if it’s tackle or touch. With all of the new pieces added to this offense, and working hard to get EJ to 100%, there is bound to be an adjustment period. GI, time is for now on our side!

The other post that caught my eye was this picture and statement…

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Who do you think Mafia? If you wish to let the NFL News & Updates fan page fans know as well, click the picture then type it.


Overwhelming response…

Stephanie Tessmer Kiko!!


Carol Fyock Kiko


Drew Emerling Mario, Kiko


Kyle Gutzmer Kiko “The legend” Alonso


For those of you who have read my articles, you know how favorable I am of #thelegendofkiko Kiko Alonso. His rookie season and accolades in his young career are commendable and it will be exciting to see him a sophomore in the league. Is it too soon to cry out ‘Hall of Fame’ status though? Sports can be a crazy beast. Players who have breakout years seem to be more reluctant to follow it up with a second super star season in a row. I will be the first one to fight and support the claim to fame for Kiko, but things in 2014 will be a little different. With the addition of Spikes and the position change, how will Alonso fair? Taking a little better care of his body with less tackles, may open up parts of his game we have yet to see! In that case, I think the AFC East and the NFL better watch out for Kiko Alonso.

Some people ask what the difference between a Myth and a Legend is, and I always reply, #thelegendofkiko. That’s the difference.

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