5 reasons to not worry about Marshawn Lynch rumors


So it appears that Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is not happy with his current contract. According to Yahoo Sports, he’s decided to no-show for next week’s mandatory mini-camp in the hopes of renegotiating for a new deal. Lynch has been the linchpin (oh the puns!) of the Seahawks offense for several years now, so it’s only natural to feel some anxiety when reading these things. However, I think even if the rumors are true the whole thing is overblown.

Here are five reasons for Seahawks fans not to worry about these rumors involving Beast Mode:

1. Marshawn is just being Marshawn

Lynch is not a very sociable fellow, as our own Will Peterson discovered during media week at the Super bowl. Reporters may not like it but the fact is that Lynch’s speak-softly-and-carry-a-big-stick philosophy is part of what makes him a great running back.

A lot of great players like to engage in trash talk both on and off the field. Some of them even play for the Seahawks. Lynch never crows about his own performance and never talks down to opponents. In addition to racking up yards after contact this has made Beast Mode one of the most widely respected running backs in the NFL. He’s a moody guy. He doesn’t like cameras, he doesn’t like talking, if he had his choice he’d probably carry the ball without ever opening his mouth. The front office knows what he’s all about and they love him anyway.

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