Cam Newton says he doesn’t care about Colin Kaepernick’s deal


The NFL Network reported on Tuesday that some close to Cam Newton are very worried that the contract the San Francisco 49ers gave to Colin Kaepernick might set a precedent for what the Carolina Panthers will try to do in negotiations for a long-term deal with Newton. According to the report, the main point of concern for Newton’s camp is the $13 million Kaepernick received up front, which seems low to them.

On Wednesday, Cam responded to these questions, saying “I’m not terrified of anything.” He went on to say, “For me, that’s the last thing on my mind. The first thing is to get the little anky right. I’m not worried about no money. I’m not worried about things I can’t control.”

Realistically, these comments don’t really mean anything. It’s not like Newton’s going to come out and say, “If I don’t get $50 million guaranteed, then I’m leaving the Panthers.” He’s smart enough to not give the media much, if anything, on these types of issues.

Kaepernick’s deal includes $61 million in injury guarantees in case he gets hurt, the most ever in the NFL. While Newton’s contract likely won’t have that much protection, it’s probable that the Panthers will use that contract as a template for what they’re going try to give Cam.

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