One Colts player grew up watching and loving a team in Europe


Who could forget the amazing play Andy McCullough made in the championship game of 1999? How about that 1995 season where Paul Justin not only won league MVP, but also brought home the championship

Odds are you are flipping through your stat sheets looking to see what I am talking about. Am I even talking American football? Rest assured I am talking American football, and Paul Justin was in fact a quarterback in the NFL (Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals, St. Louis Rams). Unfortunately, Justin did not receive those accolades in the NFL, or even on this continent.

I am speaking of course of the Frankfurt Galaxy of the former NFL Europe. While we cheered for the blue and white, others were rooting for the purple and orange.

One fan in particular was probably sitting with his dad, and team general manager, watching the game. I can assume that that particular fan switched his loyalties when his dad became the general manager of the Rhein Fire.

So who is this young kid that is doing all this traveling while being in the front seat of running a team? That tyke is none other than the now quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, Andrew Luck.

Luck has been quoted discussing his love of the NFL Europe when he was growing up, specifically his love for his favorite team the Frankfurt Galaxy. Luck was fortunate enough to watch the Galaxy and the Fire both win the World Bowl while his dad was the general manager for both teams. The NFL Europe was disbanded in 2007 after failing to drum up enough fan loyalty.

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