Ten NFL head coaches already on the hot seat


The NFL season is upon us. Yes, it’s still six weeks until training camps get started. And sure, the regular-season opener isn’t for 84 days. But with voluntary OTAs and mandatory minicamps underway, every team in the league has already started their preparation for 2014.

That means coaching staffs have already begun evaluating talent, molding their roster, installing systems and getting their team ready for the rigors of an NFL season. In other words, the clock has already started ticking on them; in a results-oriented business, head coaches are always being evaluated, as today’s preparation leads to September’s results.

That proverbial clock ticks louder for some people; having barely blown a whistle in 2014, there are some head coaches in the NFL who are already under the microscope. They have to win this season – and in some cases, win big – or they’ll be doing something else a year from now.

Who falls into that category? Here are 10 NFL head coaches who are already on the hot seat:


10. Jim Harbaugh

A clash of egos could end Harbaugh’s reign in San Francisco

It seems ridiculous that 49ers general manager Trent Baalke has any sort of rift with his head coach, given that Harbaugh has taken a team that was a laughingstock during the 15 years prior to his arrival and turned them into a team that has played in three-straight NFC title games. But that seems to be the case, as a classic ego battle has emerged in San Francisco, which could blow up if the Niners don’t get over the hump and win a championship this year.

9. Rex Ryan

Ryan’s act will wear thin if the Jets don’t win

The head coach of the Jets is always on the hot seat; that’s just the way things work in New York. But this will be Ryan’s six season at the helm, a run that has netted a combined 42-38 record and zero AFC East titles; that’s the definition of average. At some point, all of the bluster and bravado starts to wear thin if it doesn’t result in victories and division championships. Woody Johnson may hit that point if 2014 is another .500 season or worse.


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  • Anonymous

    re: TC depends on how good the new oc does if he improves the OF & the team does”nt
    improve TC gone & the OC will be our new coach

    • Buck Stanton

      I wouldn’t get rid of Coughlin; I think he’s a great coach. But down seasons in New York are different than down seasons elsewhere. Thanks for reading!

  • Anonymous

    This author is clearly a moron. Rivera just signed a 3 year extension and although the playoff loss hurt, getting back to the playoffs was a better feeling. The fan base is happy with Ron and even if we regress some, there won’t be a witch hunt calling for him to be fired.

    • Buck Stanton

      The Panthers could easily collapse into a 4-12 kind of season, especially in that division. If that happens, thinking Rivera is 100% safe is moronic. Thanks for reading!

      • JW

        I’ve never seen an “author” insult readers in the comments section

        Grow up kid, grow up

  • rrup

    I don’t think that you should of put Harbaughs name on that list, they are not going to get rid of him, and they will give him a raise when the time comes, they are most likely waiting to see how this season goes so they know how much they want to pay him.

    • Buck Stanton

      It’s shaping up to be a Jerry Jones vs. Jimmy Johnson type of ego battle. Thanks for reading, RRup!

  • Seriously?

    LOL This is the second time I have read a Cover32 article about the Panthers and it being completely ridiculous. You really think Ron Rivera who just signed a 3 year extension is on the hot seat. I surely hope you don’t get paid to write this trash. Guess anyone will write anything to get a few clicks.

    • Anonymous

      See my thoughts above on Rivera. If last year was a fluke, he’ll be back on the hot seat. Guaranteed. Thanks for reading!

  • Jeff W

    With the Logic of Jim Harbaugh on the hot seat, 3 Straight NFC Championships and one trip to the Superbowl. With that Logic, Chip Kelly would be on the hot seat as well. Since Harbaugh went further in his first year.

    • Buck Stanton

      It has nothing to do with the results on the field; it’s a battle of egos and a standoff over money. Thanks for reading, Jeff.

  • Anonymous

    should have never left Denver. He thought he was hot shit He blows

  • dea

    Dallas and Oakland are two cities that no coach In his right mind should coach. change in management is required there, until the every coach there will always be on the seat. Any team that fires Tom Coughlin deserves what the Jags got since they did the same. Fox’s record is strictly du to Peyton. I know nothing, but If I was Peytons head coach I’d probably have a winning record too, so I pretty much agree with everyone else.

  • Charles

    Next year you will have a new number 1 head coach of Titans !
    As far a cowboys coach . No coach can do the job with the owner they have . I feel sorry for any coach that waste their time there . It’s not the players or coach’s fault but owners in Dallas .

    • randy

      Hard to call it a waste of time if you are making 3-5 million a year as coach!!

  • DanTanna86

    Dallas should trade next year’s 1st and Jason Garrett for Harbaugh. Unfortunately that will only happen if someone secretly records Jerry Jones when he’s drunk. 🙁

  • Jan

    Leave them all alone–you have not walked in their shoes. Bitch-bitch,bitch !!!

  • Victracyed

    Tough spot for Mike Smith, incredible reg. season record, but 1-4in the playoffs. Tough to pull the plug on the only coach to have back to back winning seasons for your team.

  • Dick Smith

    There will be at least 2 coaching changes before mid season. Miami, Atlanta. other possibilities are Oakland, Dallas and N.Y. Jets and Giants

  • JW

    Since you close comment on the worst SB winning QB’s, I’d like to take the oppetunity to call you a moron in this comment section instead.

    Phil Simms would have easily won SB 25, the fact that Hostetler barely won it proves that. He hung with Montana, during the mid-late 80s. He scored 49 points against them in the 86 playoffs, and he also scored 39 in the SB with . That ain’t all defense.

    He had an 88% completion rating for the game. Explain how he was bad again?

    I swear they’d be better off picking bums off of the street to write articles.

  • jw

    “Dick Smith Posted 5:31 pm – June 18th, 2014

    There will be at least 2 coaching changes before mid season. Miami, Atlanta. other possibilities are Oakland, Dallas and N.Y. Jets and Giants”

    Couglin ain’t going anywhere