I hate…the negativity surrounding the Titans


As each season approaches, negativity seems to follow the Tennessee Titans.

No matter what changes are made at head coach, quarterback or any key area, the same old Titans are a lock to show up.

Tennessee surprised fans and analysts alike with a stellar 13-3 season in 2008, then they fell back into mediocrity.

Whether it was poor personnel decisions not fit for the future, the curse of the Terrible Towel, or a combination, the Titans have hung around between the 6-10 and 9-7 records ever since.

So this season, with a clear vision, a better coaching staff and a reloaded roster, why is Tennessee a favorite to take a step back in 2014?

The only answer I can muster is that it is pretty much the Titans way to do things. That mindset has to change and Whisenhunt has the tools to transition into a successful franchise once again.

We’ll see soon enough if Jake Locker and Co. can make a group of pessimists optimistic about the team’s future in Tennessee.

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  • Zack

    Everyone is already giving the AFC South to the Colts. I believe that’s gonna come back and bite everyone in the ass. IF Titans QB Jake Locker stays healthy, then I honestly believe the Titans can win the division. IF they don’t, then I still believe they’re gonna make the playoffs. It’s all labout Locker staying healthy.