This Bills fan hates change


OK let me clarify. At the risk of being labeled a grumpy, old, out of touch knucklehead who does not understand that change is necessary to evolve and improve, there are some things that must change and are good for our beloved game. Here are few just off the top of my head:

Make the officials full-time. A little practice and film study might go a long way toward improving the worst officials in modern American sports.

Get a real steroid policy. I would love to see a couple stars suspended for steroid use.

Charge half price for your practices that you package as pre-season football games.

I think the Redskins should change their name. There are a lot of things in this country we once said and did that we don’t say and do anymore. If your argument is that it’s tradition, than you’re on the wrong side of the argument. Tradition can be good but, let’s face it Washington fans, it’s a slur. Go ahead, keep the colors, history and yes tradition but, go just change the name. If you were OK going from Bullets to Wizards, than going from Redskins to (insert name here) should not be that big a jump.

See, I am an enlighten thinker. OK, with that out of the way, here is what Roger Goodell needs to leave alone:

The playoffs! Yes Roger, we like that the regular season means something. And if this coming from a fan whose team has not made the playoffs in the lifetime of a ninth grader that should tell you that the current playoff format is fine. Expanding the playoffs is stupid! Does anybody watch the first round of the NBA or NHL playoffs? Neither do I. Your current playoff system is perfect, please don’t screw it up.

The kicking game. Nobody cares about the extra point. Either leave it alone or just have a touchdown equal seven points. That’s what we did in the back yard as kids and everyone was happy. Are we going to have games decided by kicking a 25-30 yard extra point? Please stop your tinkering. Today’s kickers can nail a 25 yard extra point just as easily as a 12 yard extra point. If you want to eliminate kickers… great! But these extra point proposals are ridiculous.

Thursday night football all season. Great now we get as much NFL football as Division 1 and 1AA college football. Listen Roger I structure my life around the NFL and here is how it goes. I get up for work at 5:30 (that’s in the morning Roger) because I have to be at my miserable job at 7AM (like the rest of America). If my team is on Monday Night Football, I suck it up, watch the game and zombie through Tuesday. Now I gotta zombie through a Friday too!? Stop! Here is how America ticks – Work Monday through Friday. Take wife out to dinner Friday night. Do crap around the house on Saturday morning, watch college football and fall asleep on couch. Get up Sunday morning, go to an early church service (talk to God about the Bills winning), be home by 11:30, change clothes, put pizza in oven and wings in deep fryer, crack a beer and sit in front of the TV from 1PM until 10:30PM drinking beer and eating food that is going to eventually kill me. Rinse and repeat. Please stop screwing with that!! It works!

18 game schedule. Your retired players are already dropping dead and suing your league left and right and now you purposely want to expose them to more debilitating games?? We do not need an 18 game schedule. We need 16 games played on Sunday and Monday, see my comments above, our lives are depending on it.

OK Roger, I know you think you need to keep screwing around with our beloved NFL in order to justify your 44.2 million dollar salary but, please get a new list because this to-do list is really messing up my week.

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  • Stan

    So wrong about Redskins changing their name — what team will be pressured to change their name once the Redskins are bullied into submission? Quit politicizing football. Also wrong about the extra point. Just move to a yard line that will yield about a 90% conversion rate (my guess is the 35). The field goal is one of the most exciting plays in the game, and a blown extra point in the playoffs is always fun to watch (Tony Romo).Finally, the pink flourishes on the uniforms (wristbands, ref whistles, goal post pads) are out of control. Give the breast cancer cause ONE weekend, not the entire month of October.