WATCH: Justin Forsett and Lorenzo Taliaferro’s one-handed catches


Although the offseason training activities are more about reinforcing schematics, it is significant in that it gives the first glimpses of new players on rosters.  Draft picks are no longer at rookie minicamps, and they have their first chances to shine with the veterans — or, they get their first taste of the big leagues.  New additions get a chance to see how they stack up against their teammates, and although they are without pads, for certain players, you don’t need tacklers to see talent.

That brings us to the video posted to the Ravens website featuring the fourth rounder, Lorenzo Taliaferro, and former-Texan (and Jaguar, and Seahawk), Justin Forsett.  In these highlights, the two running backs can be seen making cuts through the offensive line, and perhaps most impressively, showing off their receiving skills.  Both Forsett and Taliaferro can be seen corralling one-handed catches.

As far as the running is concerned, it is obvious that Forsett shines in these formats.  The lack of contact allows him to dance around the football field without repercussion, and it is a sight to behold.  He seems to possess gamebreaking speed and shiftiness, and there is nothing in this video that damages his campaign for playing time in Kubiak’s offense.

Taliaferro, on the other hand, doesn’t appear as impressive.  This isn’t anything against the Coastal Carolina product, as despite the lack of Forsett’s explosiveness, it is obvious that Taliaferro has very good feet for his size.  I suspect that OTAs are the opposite of Taliaferro’s ideal playing environment, and you can just get the sense that watching this bull play without contact doesn’t quite hold his attention.  Once training camp rolls around, I expect Taliaferro to unleash his impressive plant-and-drive, and really start lowering his shoulders.

Both of these runners have something to prove, so it is always interesting to see how they’re building their reputation on the field.

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