Maurice Jones-Drew being sued for "sucker punch"


Over Memorial Day of 2013, Maurice Jones Drew was part of a group of people who were involved in a physical altercation with staff at the Conch House in St. Augustine Florida. Soon after it occurred, news broke that MJD was there, but at the time the focus was on whether or not criminal charges might follow.

That, however, did not turn out to be the case as the district attorney’s office decided that there was not enough evidence that MJD had done anything to justify filing charges. But no criminal charges does not mean that MJD’s legal woes are over. A man who worked for the Conch House filed a lawsuit against MJD claiming that the Raiders running back sucker punched him.

Specifically, the complaint filed against MJD states that the incident began when someone that MJD was with became too intoxicated:

The intoxicated person physically resisted and assaulted one of the Conch House employees. The Plaintiff then attempted to use a “bear hug” in order to remove the intoxicated person from the premises. While doing so Defendant Jones-Drew tried to intervene on behalf of the patron by grabbing the arm of the patron. Plaintiff informed Defendant that he was escorting the patron out and Defendant Jones-Drew appeared to walk away; then, from out of nowhere, the Defendant Jones-Drew approached rapidly from the blind-side and delivered a violent punch to Plaintiff’s left jaw knocking Plaintiff down and out. Defendant Jones-Drew was immediately grabbed by another security guard. Defendant Jones-Drew then quickly absconded and left the premises.

Based on the complaint, it would appear that the Plaintiff will rely on testimony of others at the location to support his side of the story. Most likely other employees of the Conch House. But in all likelihood, they will never see the witness stand. Well over 95% of all civil lawsuits never get to trial because they are settled before then. And that is exactly what I expect to happen here.

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