Why Ed Reed and the Ravens can help each other


Former Baltimore Ravens safety, Ed Reed, hasn’t played in Baltimore’s famous purple and black since the 2012 season when he helped the Ravens seize the Lombardi Trophy for the first time since 2000. However, Reed found himself back in the city he called home when he returned to M&T Bank Stadium just over a week ago to support his former teammate in the secondary, Lardarius Webb, who hosted his fourth annual charity softball game.

The question becomes, is it a coincidence that Reed visited M&T at a time when he’s “between jobs?” Although he is currently detached from any NFL roster or apparent path of interest, he hasn’t hesitated to let the public know where he stands. When questioned at the softball game, Reed stated he’s, “taking my time,” but “still preparing to play.”

Ed Reed has said before that he views Baltimore as home, and after sharing a few words with the fans who watched him hold down the Ravens back end for years, could Reed be hinting at a desire to return to the Ravens?

Ed Reed, 35, is entering his fourteenth season as an unsigned free agent. Some people may view this as a means to an end — that end being his eventual retirement.  But we must not forget the present state of the Baltimore Ravens.

They just signed veteran wide receiver, Steve Smith Sr., who is also playing at the age of 35. Smith doesn’t appear to have slowed down much, having recently started training camp with the Ravens. It might not be a stretch to say that Smith’s addition could have provided hope to Ed Reed, who just two years ago, along with Ray Lewis, was the face of the Ravens defense.

Most Ravens fans thought Reed should have retired with Lewis and finished out on top in the city he entertained so thoroughly. Well, that still might be a possibility.

After being released by the Houston Texans back in November, Reed went on to sign with the New York Jets, but was ineffective in his seven appearances. Statistics like these may not give NFL teams much reason to believe Reed has multiple years left, but his extensive playmaking history could land Reed one more opportunity to serve as an asset to a team in the upcoming season.

The Baltimore Ravens have always been known for having veteran players on their roster capable of making big plays. Their reputation faded somewhat last season, but adding a guy like Reed could inject a dose of energy to the purple and black.

With that being said, if Ed Reed is still itching to get on the field come late August, he might want to give the Ravens a call.

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  • concretejimmy

    If Stewart doesn’t pan out. Or a safety is injured. Who knows. He could retire this year with another ring.