Why T.J. Yates deserves another shot to start


There are rumors out there that the Houston Texans have named Ryan Fitzpatrick their starter for the upcoming season, or that he is atleast the favorite. Fitzpatrick has lacked consistency his entire career, tossing 106 touchdowns but 93 interceptions in his eight year career.

Case Keenum did show some impressive moments when he played last season, but lacked consistency and didn’t win a single game, despite losing many games by seven or less points.

Tom Savage is certainly going to need more time to develop before he becomes a starter.

That leaves the last player in the quarterback pool, T.J. Yates. Why not give him another shot? In six starts with the Texans in 2011, Yates completed 61.2 percent of his passes, threw for 949 yards but just three touchdowns, three interceptions and four fumbles for a dismal 42.2 quarterback rating.

Although those aren’t good stats by any means, it’s important to remember he was thrown into the starting quarterback role after starter Matt Schaub suffered a season ending injury, followed by second-stringer Matt Leinart.

Yates, for a third-stringer, led Houston to their first playoff win ever against the Cincinnati Bengals and then only lost to the Baltimore Ravens by seven in the AFC Divisional Round.

The past two seasons, Yates has only come in for relief with 19 completed passes for 151 yards, no touchdowns and five turnovers. Yates hasn’t looked impressive, but he was forced to come in if the Texans were losing by a lot, or if they simply were blowing out their opponent.

The fact that he did good enough to lead them to the playoffs in his first year without much readiness or experience showed that the Texans had a hidden gem on their roster, one that they have failed to use.

Yates showed plenty of potential in that promising 2011 season, and with Matt Schaub out of the picture, and three other quarterbacks with major question marks surrounding them, Yates deserves another chance to prove why he is the Texans quarterback of the future.


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  • Slim

    I agree, you left out the part that he was 6 and 1 as a starter as well. He has a very strong arm and is mobile. He is the only one on the roster I see as a starter and to give the Texans a chance to return to winning.