Emmanuel Sanders shows he’s ready for Denver Broncos OTAs


Emmanuel Sanders has a lot to prove.

Sure, he’s a successful receiver who has blossomed over his first four seasons as a professional, but the newest Denver Broncos receiver should seemingly have even better numbers this season than ever before.

He is playing with Peyton Manning, after all, who consistently boosts receivers’ production. Take a look at 2013 for instance; the Broncos finished with an NFL-record five players scoring 10-plus touchdowns, including Wes Welker, who is regarded as the greatest slot receiver in the history of the league.

Denver is gearing up for their OTAs, which run from June 16-19, and so is Sanders, tweeting this on Sunday:

It’s an interesting concept and seems to make sense. Why wear shorts if you’ll be wearing the tight-fitting football pants during games?

Smart, Emmanuel, smart.

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