Chris Snee remains motivated to make an impact with Giants in 2014


Chris Snee has been riding a bumpy road for awhile now. But after undergoing surgeries to repair his elbow and hip, he’s ready to get back to doing what does best for the New York Giants: protecting quarterback Eli Manning.

“At my age, there are good days and there are bad days, so a day off every couple of days in [Organized Team Activities] is working out well,” Snee told Newsday on Thursday. “Right now, I just tell myself to take it day by day, and when the spring is over, I’ll let the [medical staff and coaches] know how I feel.”

The 32-year-old offensive lineman is waiting patiently for the okay to return to the field and practice with his teammates. He told Newsday’s Bob Glauber that he knew this day would come eventually but admitted that the obstacles he’s face have been tough.

He took a $4 million paycut this offseason to remain with the team for one last hurrah. He’s coming off a 2013 season during which he played in just three games—he’d missed just one over the previous eight seasons. As Newsday’s Bob Glauber notes, however, his focus is unwavering.

“I push myself and, I don’t want to compare it to anyone else, but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who is more self-motivated, who wants to prove all the doubters wrong more than me,” he said. “I’ve been that way from high school on, when I came from an area [Montrose, Pennsylvania] where no one thought I would get a college scholarship. Same thing all the way through [Boston College]. I have that fire. I have that drive. It’s just my body needs to stay on the same page as my mind.”

Unlike years past, when the four-time Pro Bowler was a guaranteed starter along the Giants’ offensive line, he’ll have to earn his job. The Giants brought in a number of players this season and have a lot of young guys in the wings ready to earn some playing time for themselves.

Snee has experience over his competitors though, and that aforementioned focus should provide him an unfair advantage. Not to mention an unbreakable rapport with Manning, head coach Tom Coughlin and the Giants’ brass that promises he’ll give the franchise everything he’s got to help them be a successful unit once again.

Snee may be on the downswing of his NFL career, but he still has one more year to give and, as long as his health will allow it, it’d be foolish to bet against him.

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