Way-too-early Indianapolis Colts fantasy football evaluations


Before the season starts, and yes I know it is far away, we all need to do one crucial thing; pick our fantasy football teams. Every year people will over-draft players way above their proper value. Luckily for all of you, when it comes to the Indianapolis Colts’ fantasy players, I have you covered. Even if the starting lineups have yet to be set and we are still a month away from training camp.


Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck has been extremely lucky for his fantasy owners over his time in the league. Luck was ranked eighth among all quarterbacks in 2012 with 22.9 points per week and moved up to seventh last season earning 21.6 points per week.

There are few quarterbacks that are a safer bet than Luck; he has the great football IQ to pick apart defenses without making too many mistakes. Luck is also an underrated rusher as well.

Luck possesses the big game potential that you look for in a quarterback but rarely puts up big points, he is a solid number one that is consistent.

Second-round pick

If you draft any other quarterbacks from the Colts’ roster then good luck, I will not be covering them however.

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