Video: Johnny Manziel, seemingly drunk, holding a fat stack of cash


Johnny Manziel has apparently made it his business to out-party any other human being on the planet. Watch out, Rob Gronkowski – you can’t stop Johnny Cleveland from having a good time! The latest of Manziel’s exploits is a video where he is holding a fat stack of cash and is pretending to call people, telling them he can’t hear them because he’s got too much money in his hands. He is also pretty clearly smashed and is barely able to keep his eyes open.

My favorite aspect of this video is the fact that the cash Manziel is holding consists of $1 bills. He keeps saying it’s so much money, but it’s probably only a couple hundred. I assume his plan was to make it rain at a strip club, but at his (likely) level of intoxication, maybe he just wanted to hold that much green.

Here’s the video (WARNING: NSFW language):

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  • old fashioned Brown

    Is it just me or looking forward to have him taken down a notch especially when he is laid out by a MLB that just wants his head hunting trophy. he is just another wannabe party boy that has not proven that he can cut it in the NFL, Meanwhile, Derek Carr is just playing football. But what do you expect just another Clown

    • Anonymous

      Jealous much ! Your a Raiders fan ‘nough said

      • dave

        What’s up with the “Browns poll” – Carr 66% Manziel 36%?

      • Random Viewer

        You’re not “your” guy. And he looks like a dumb ### in the video. The NFL isn’t college, so maybe he should pipe down a little.

  • Anonymous

    All the browns money will be watching from the sidelines