Just how good could the Raiders offense be?


Last week I took a position by position look at the Oakland Raiders defense to answer the question of just how good the unit could be. Now it is the offense’s turn. Unfortunately, the prospects for success on the offensive side of the ball are not quite as positive as on defense. The potential for success is there, but there are so many question marks that it is hard to be overly enthusiastic about this unit.

My early prediction for starters on offense are as follows: Matt Schaub, Maurice Jones-Drew/Darren McFadden, Marcel Reece, Donald Penn, Austin Howard, Stefan Wisniewski, Gabe Jackson, Menelik Watson, James Jones, Rod Streater, David Ausberry/Mychal Rivera.

Much like on defense, the offense will be filled with new faces as general manager Reggie McKenzie has overhauled much of the unit. The only returning starters from 2013 are Rod Streater, Stefan Wisniewski, Marcel Reece and Darren McFadden who I have as a co-starter with MJD.

But unlike the defense, the offense inspires a whole lot less confidence. It is one of those situations where if everything goes right it could be great. The problem is, there is a lot that needs to go right and it’s been a long time since the Raiders have had that kind of luck.

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  • Lawrence

    Not a lot needs to go right. They have the talent, on both sides of the ball. All they need to go right is for the players to play to their abilities.

  • Brutus

    It all comes down to the o-line, which appears vastly improved. The Raiders want to be a smash-mouth, run first team that will open up the passing game when needed. One or more of the running backs will step up if the o-line creates the holes. Schaub will take control of the offense, Carr will learn, and McGloin will bide his time knowing that he is one injury away from starting again. I believe McGloin will be #2 this year, #3 next year (assuming Schaub remains the starter), and then permanently back to #2 the following year behind Carr. As he proved last year, McGloin will be prepared to take advantage of any opportunity presented and don’t rule out the possibility that opportunity knocks sooner than expected.

  • vin

    but we still need that number 1 wideout!!!!!

  • Terrence Healy

    One thing I noticed about the SeaHawks and Denver in the superbowl, was speed of execution. The Seahawks defense was incredibly fast. Hopefully, the Raiders can put in the practice to be crisp and quick. The 73 Dolphins huge amount of over practice paid off in an undefeated season. The Union Rules will not allow them to practice that much any more, but hopefully all the Veterans on the Raiders can pick it all up faster. I think with the new Offensive Line, almost any one of our three Quarterbacks will do fine.

  • Walter Spargo

    OK, Johnny Raincloud! LMAO!! (BTW, I stole that term from Ed Marshall)

  • Phil Raider

    I believe the Raiders are on the right track, The defiance is much better & Mack will prove to be an pro bowler. If Shraub can play pro bowl QB, we have the recievers & RB;s to get us to the next level. Mack wants some of Payton, & I believe he will get his wish. Let’s go Raiders!!!!